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Connect your family, business and friends across the country, or across the world AND save $100s

You live and work in the US, but you still have family, friends and business relationships in your homeland or in other countries.

Do you have family and friends in other countries ? Give them a local phone number in their country so they can reach you wherever you are, without worrying about International calling rates. It will also give you a better feeling of togetherness (no long distance barriers).


Vendors, business partners in other countries ? Give them your “local office number” in their country, and create a feeling of a big corporate, even if you are a small business..

What is TalkLocal ? TalkLocal is our new exciting service, allowing you to receive calls from a country of your choice directly to your home phone or cell phone. (Yes, you can choose to receive it in your office, or even at your inlaws)

How does it work ? Your business associates, friends or family members call a local number in their country, after dialing your designated extension number, they would instantly ring your phone. So whether you selected a cell phone or home phone, it will ring with your family member on the other side of the line.

What is TalkLocal Direct ? The direct option allows you to skip the phase in which the caller needs to dial your extension. You get a direct number in the country you selected and the call goes directly to you. Of course, the call still goes through the system of Family Phone, but the caller doesn’t notice that, and DOES NOT need to dial your extension number.

How much does it cost ? TalkLocal is only $13/Month. No hidden costs, no tricks, no anxiety of excessive charges when receiving a call from a cell phone in the other country (remember that calling card experience).

Each additional country is only $3/Mo extra.

If you are receiving calls on your cell phone, you will most probobly be charged for the minutes you use. Please make sure that you have the appropriate plan for the use you make on your cell phone. Unlimited minutes, or unlimited incoming calls can be a good idea. If you don't have such a plan, you can put our number in your list of friends, that some cell phone companies offer, so you will not be charged for calls from our system call us (877 886 6638) or contact our support team for more info. Please check with your cellular phone company for their offerings.



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